Thank you so much

I am overwhelmed with appreciation for the wonderful response yesterday. Appreciation opens the heart and you have all given me so much opportunity to open mine and I thank you greatly.  My deepest intention for all my messages is that you find the hoMe within yourself and the Angel waiting for you there always no matter what and that you can align yourself with that energy and love yourself completely. Here is a message from the book and  I hope that you will do this often:


•.¸¸.¯`•.¸We should really find ways to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves every day, every moment even. •.¸¸.¯`•.¸What can you think of that makes you feel proud of yourself? Come back and revisit this idea often and let your thoughts grow deeper and higher in their reverence for yourself! •.¸¸.¯`•.¸


When you can give another credit without fear of losing acclaim then you actually get more as your heart is opened in appreciation which is a similar vibration to love.

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3 thoughts on “Thank you so much

  1. Love Sarah ♥

  2. Denise

    Thank you Sweet Woman*

  3. Thank you beautiful soul…

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