High Intentions

¸.´´¯`•.¸¸.* When we set ourselves supremely high intentions like being a mud skipper skipping across all life’s muddy puddles the path is narrow and not well trodden and its much easier to fall off. splatt! ¸.´´¯`•.¸¸.* This is the time to wrap ourselves up and say to our mud skippingly high intentioned souls ¸.´´¯`•.¸¸.* ‘Dont be sad you fell into the mud, be proud that you jumped!’ ¸.´´¯`•.¸¸.* In fact you should just say this always for every intention not achieved just yet ¸.´´¯`•.¸¸.*

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6 thoughts on “High Intentions

  1. Denise

    Lots of intentions not achieved yet…….but on the way 🙂 Lots of mud to fall in and happily enjoy the splatt*****

    xoxoxoxo Sweet Woman

  2. Wow you are so fast Denise, thank you for being a speedy little skipper xx

  3. Denise

    Very welcome 🙂 Thank you for all that has come and all that is about to follow***

  4. Ooh i love that!

  5. sorry I’ve come so late Sarah, but you know I am one of your biggest fans… I’m with Denise, all that has come and about to follow…. words of gratefulness to you my friend…

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