Outpouring of Appreciation

I love the people I have met in the application we all play in on the internet. You are all amazing! The way you receive my messages, the comments and the acknowledgements when it is I who is feeling so blessed. You all get on board with all my crazy ideas, when I ask you to believe in Postive Cow’s not only do you believe but you ask for her whenever she goes awol, when I ask you to do anything you all jump in with both feet, in a banana boat, in an Ark(!) Even when I ask you to be mudskippers not only do you throw yourselves across the mud,  Angela, suggested being mudskipping glow worms!! You all glow in my heart and I am so very blessed to have met so many wonderful people all looking for the same thing and that is to live boundlessly joyful lives and to see the love behind everything and within ourselves where it always is, at HoME xx

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2 thoughts on “Outpouring of Appreciation

  1. You have to know by now how precious you are to us all, PC is as much a part of you as Bandit is of me, so OF COURSE we follow along, the making of each day begins with a cup of coffee and Sarah & PC… got to get a positive thought within our hearts….

    • Aww thank you so much. Your daily prompts are helping to bring out the courage and creativity in many, so thank you too xx

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