Slight delay, what can I learn…

Welcome hoME has been somewhat delayed by little teeny things which once again shows me that I am not in complete alignment. When you are, everything is smooth and flows in ways that even surprise you in their silkiness! When you have little hiccups which btw I have had many, lol, it is time to reflect inwards rather than be disappointed. It is always too soon to be disappointed as you don’t know how quickly your inner reflections can affect any outcome and you have an opportunity to deal with any blocks, preventing the natural flow. I believe that to have patience is not really an asset, although we all think it should be….it means that we are putting up with waiting! Well I shall duly reflect, prepave and refocus my thoughts back on track. Everything is affected by silent thoughts which we don’t even realise are continuing to send out signals because we havent changed them yet! Any niggles, fears or doubts can be looked upon at any moment and changed forthwith! Tally ho!! Embrace all challenge and every sign is there to be read, yay, thank you Universe.

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One thought on “Slight delay, what can I learn…

  1. Denise

    Let’s put things into perspective eh, Sweet Woman? For me it’s time again 🙂 TY
    It’s ongoing I guess, hmmm?


    Much love,


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