Won’t be able to look at denial in the same way again!

Hi dear beings .¸¸.✶✫ we are talking of distraction vs denial this week  .¸¸.✶✫ We think its important to know where you stand with regards to any topic so that you know what to reach for. .¸¸.✶✫ To admit to yourself without inner judgement how you really feel. .¸¸.✶✫ If you deny negative feelings and reach too high too soon you may be frustrated. .¸¸.✶✫ When you know how big the gap is and how much you have to do to attain the vibration of the manifestation which you have asked, that in itself helps you to get there faster. .¸¸.✶✫ Haha one of our fairy friends Michelle and Erlich (a.v.o.s) reminded us that Denial isn’t just some river in Egypt! I was wondering why Positive Cow had her canoe out…  .¸¸.

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