Still on the DvD subject!

Hi instant manifesters ˜”*°°*”˜ Still on the subject of distraction vs denial. ˜”*°°*”˜ Everything is manifesting almost immediately nowadays, so you can see by what is going on around you what you are attracting. ˜”*°°*”˜ Its important not to be in denial, unless you are with Positive Cow in her canoe!  Distraction and denial are so different. ˜”*°°*”˜ Distraction is knowing where your starting off point is and then taking your mind off what you don’t want to get you into a happier place for what you do. ˜”*°°*”˜ Denial is pretending all is well, knowing deeply it isn’t and it is an energy that keeps you in the vibe of the very thing you are not wanting in your life. ˜”*°°*”˜

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2 thoughts on “Still on the DvD subject!

  1. Es muy lindo el diseño de tu pajina pero mas el contenido que tiene me gusto mucho escucharlo en el traductor.

  2. I have no idea what you said but thank you for writing! Im trying to google translation, is this Spanish, its very beautiful, do you speak English as well?

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