Dont be specific when thinking of what you don’t want

Hi Ripply dreamers  ¨¯`*。。 Talking of going general when  approaching the little irritants of life. ¨¯`*。。 I’m trying to enjoy or appreciate every moment of the journey. ¨¯`*。。 Even the tricky parts, I say I know where I am, more or less, have a quick think what can i learn from this… ¨¯`*。。 Not going to go too specific if I’m hovering around the edge of happiness as i will find myself pulled over and if im lucky, hanging on by my fingernails ¨¯`*。。 Of course Positive Cow will be thrilled at the opportunity to try absailing! Shes no longer in denial (in a canoe), she’s found a distraction! ¨¯`*。。☆☆¨¯`*。。 I think if you are in an emotionally tricky spot, its a question of imagining a map and putting a pin in it quickly where you are and not dwelling on the logistics ¨¯`*。。…And then saying ok now where do I want to go and focusing on that line from A to B ¨¯`*。。 Leaving A behind as you get your ticket out of there wheeee!   ¨¯`*。。  PC doesnt mind the humps and bumps of life she just pretends she’s on holiday on a camel in a far distant clime! ¨¯`*。。

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