The peace we have asked for…

Soft warm greetings ~*~ The peace that we have asked for does come. ~*~ It is Peace and not a rut we have fallen into ♥~*~♥ …And wish to be out of as we don’t know how to recognise and enjoy the peace required to reap all we have sown. ~*~ The reflective moments are the quiet for which we have longed and instead of feeling peaceful we often take the silence to mean listen to all the insecurities, lol! ~*~ Positive Cow is having another of her head scratching moments, she says we humans spend so much time asking for peace and quiet and then when we get it, we are like, sob where is everyone, why have i been abandoned?? ~*~ Dear one, you are loved every single moment and peace is the time for you to actually feel it ~*~

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