Scattered perceptions

Hi little one ¸.☆♥.¸¸.❉¸.☆ When you feel scattered or perhaps that a part of you wants to be hidden and yet another wants to be seen… ¸.☆♥.¸¸.❉¸.☆ Gather all the pieces of you gently like collecting flowers in your inner garden ¸.☆♥.¸¸.❉¸.☆ …And just know that even though the wind of our mind tosses and turns us we are still here… ¸.☆♥.¸¸.❉¸.☆ in one place, in one peace. ¸.☆♥.¸¸.❉¸.☆ We can see it as piece or peace, it is always about our perception! ¸.☆♥.¸¸.❉¸.☆

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One thought on “Scattered perceptions

  1. Sonel

    Lovely post! Thanks for the visit. 🙂

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