You are not leaving!

Hi my dear ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥ Following up on y’day’s msg about possibly having some kind of abandonment issue on some level. ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥ I feel it’s so important to be gentle and kind to self always and to know and trust yourself completely with the deep realisation that You are not going anywhere, not even for a moment. ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥ Therefore you can’t be completely abandoned, EvER, right! ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥ This thought will now be a part of you, forever! ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥ Some people may still leave and that’s about their journey or it could mean you are no longer a match and both of you start gravitating towards what is. ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥ Because you know you can’t be abandoned it won’t feel as though you have been ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥ You will understand that once you know someone you will always have known them and that can never change ♥•♥*¨`*♥•♥

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