Live life to the fullest!

Hi or should we say high! ♪¸.•♫•♥♪¸.☆ People have been asking where Positive Cow is lol, ♪¸.•♫•♥♪¸.☆ She’s been a bit low key after letting her hair down and doing her lady Gaga combined with Michale Jackson impersonation on Saturday night! ♪¸.•♫•♥♪¸.☆ She says to be spiritual doesn’t mean sitting on top of a hill meditating or being quiet and doing good deeds. ♪¸.•♫•♥♪¸.☆ it means to embrace spirit and appreciate every moment of life, love it! Live it to the fullest, go 100 % with joy ♪¸.•♫•♥♪¸.☆ …and if you leave a stiletto embedded in the stage when you’re done, people will know you have been!! Lots of love and joy! ♪¸¸.•´♫•♥♪♫¸¸.☆

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