Carry on, carry on…

Hello traveler! ★.(⁺.★¸.☆´¯) We all have baggage but we can choose to see it as suitcases full of experiences and treasure chests of gems ★.(⁺.★¸.☆´¯) Many gems start as rocks, some have to be mined very deeply and polished keenly until they now shine as memories of growth ★.(⁺.★¸.☆´¯) Just as crystals form within them we too can let light in and make rainbows out of any tears. ★.(⁺.★¸.☆´¯) We can look through sparkly eyes at who we are now because of all we’ve carried ★.(⁺.★¸.☆´¯) Now its seriously time to get wheels on our suitcases and unpack some heavy stuff weighing us down. ★.(⁺.★¸.☆´¯) Positive Cow is sitting on hers and letting it carry her, i mean come on, why should we do all the carrying!! ★.(⁺.★¸.☆´¯)

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