Welcome HoME

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and showing interest in my hoMework! I am thrilled that you are here reading this. Due to being completely hopeless at self promotion I have risen to a challenge to be a tad more shameless at doing so! No easy feat, but I do encourage all of you to find something that makes you stretch and widen your comfort zone, its gets your heart fluttering with healthy energy!

Anyway…yes I’ve recently had a book published, I decided to go the self publishing route after some learning experiences while the book was in progress and I ended up doing everything by myself. No regrets, I love captaining my own ship! Especially if it’s always guiding me hoMe within. The intention for the book was that I have almost every day written positive messages to uplift my heart and the hearts of others. To have them all in one place at my fingertips and to be able to open a page whenever I feel the need for upliftment is a luxury I can now enjoy. More than that I love to share and create and fulfill my dreams, this being one of them. I am so very thankful for all the wonderful feedback and encouragement from those who have purchased copies of their own.

I am so very thankful that the book looks so welcoming as it is hugged by the most wonderful painting, created especially for me by my dearest ‘heartist’ friend.  It’s not just an ordinary book of positive messages, there’s a little story behind it and between every line as it is a personal day by day reflection of what I experience and how I find a positive way to look at everything in order to be at hoMe with myself. Please find info on the ‘my book shoppe’ page for further details if you wish to have one of your very own, welcomed into your hoMe! Thank you again and much love xoxo

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