A little behind…

Hi  ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ we have been a little behind with our blog lately… Positive Cow says she has a big behind so actually we are very blessed to only be little! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ She also thinks its really weird that people think its cool to be little but not to belittle!? ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ She says it doesnt matter whether you are small, medium, larger or extra super large, you are a whole wonderful package and thats all that counts! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ Nobody should be treated anything other than with reverence, that’s what PC thinks! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ She is excited because we have been working on our page to promote our book Welcome Home where she was born on the very last page ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ and we have been working on the first book of the Positive Cow Series! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ Its a process because when you share messages on the internet it doesn’t matter if you add in quotes and song lyrics but if you compile your very own book you cant really do that ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ PC is a little disappointed because she finds songs a shortcut to get hoMe but she’s agreed to sing her own aarrgghh so earmuffs at the ready folks! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ Some of you will remember she has her own (pretend… shhh) radio station called Boing FM so we shall be posting any song lyrics we have to take out of her book here in the blog and with the music too, if we can find it, so that should be fun… thanks for reading, it means more than you know ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥

The Painting is by my heartist Snow Seychelle – (link to her blog on the right) who created the Master-peace for Welcome HoMe and guess what she has magically crafted the cover for my next book, just waiting for me to get it done!

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2 thoughts on “A little behind…

  1. Yvonne

    Soooooo Citing can hardly wait to read it!! 😉 xoxoxo Love You

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