Strretchy updates!


Hi dear souls, Thank you dearly for all the orders and response re the books, I so very much appreciate your interest ╔−−−╗ I”ve been busy working on book stuff. I’m going to have a book launch soon for Welcome HoMe, so that’s really exciting and thrilling. ╔−−−╗ Life is all about strrretching out of our comfort zones and setting new stretches. ╔−−−╗ Once we feel our hearts pitter patter we know it is stretchy…. Yet it feels amazing when we have done it as we have expanded ourselves and our comfort zones have widened, whoopee there’s more room! ╔−−−╗ When we start feeling the walls closing in again this means our expansion has caused us to require pushing out those boundaries once more, so time for another heart pumping leap forth into something we’ve not done before. Yikes! ╔−−−╗ I’m also doing something a little different for Positive Cow’s book and it’s been really fun and lovely as I get to sit outside and work on it… what could it be?? Stay tuned! ╔−−−╗love love xoxo

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