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(All pics are from google images, if anyone is not happy about them being here please let me know kindly, they are meant to bring joy not to offend, thank you)

After much encouragement from readers of my daily messages in an application on the internet I decided to put them all together and make them into books. The first one is complete and others are in progress! It is with great excitement that I share with you some previews of what you can expect within the pages. My book is born from love. It has been like my baby and letting it go is much like a mother feels the first day her child goes to school. Every message is a dairy of my soul and a reflection of what I faced on a day to day basis. I learned from great teachers including my dearest best friend and the great words from the books Conversations with God plus the words of Orin and Abraham who have guided me and helped me to reach within to find my own inner guidance. Every word is a love letter to all who read it in the hopes that you will look within too and see the beautiful Angel who dwells there loving you always. When the world tries to pull you out of your happy place my hope is that you will be guided back in by reading a message or two. When you are already happy my hope is that some of my words will validate your choices. Live an inspired life, be who you are, be free to chose love always in all ways xx

For me I believe that before anything else in our life can ever be really truly loving we must love ourselves. You will then be in perfect alignment with the part of you that loves you always, no matter what. I feel that everything we experience leads us to do this. I realised this after attending many courses and never maintaining what I learned, slipping back into my old ways of doubting and feeling undeserving. It happened in a very poignant way which perhaps one day I will share but basically I found my inner self and began the journey of loving the whole of me, every single part, even the bits I didn’t like at all! It is an ongoing passage to love self no matter what as new parts, new feelings, deeper experiences continually pop up, sometimes when you least expect them.

I developed my own “Learn to love yourself’ course which I enjoyed so much as I watched people’s transformation, but I realised too that it is still ongoing, you need to hear new words constantly and so my messages began, on and on and on, every day that I can make it I do so that people will hear them over and over and over. Next comes a book, that you can open, over and over and over and hopefully another book and yet another until one day you cross that bridge of no return and you start to love You and you never go back to blaming or beating yourself up in the same way you did, ever again! Oh if I can help another to see the beautiful, deserving, worthy, amazing being that you are I feel it is the greatest gift one can possibly have. …And if I can help you to get it without having to suffer too much, without having to lose another to find You, well, to me that is ultimate! Of course after you have crossed the bridge of no return there is another and another and another……………..


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. The joy I have just reading the message here brings a smile to my face. You have touched more than your inner self, you have shown a way for us all to enjoy even the bad things in life. Keep them beautiful posts coming… we are fans for life !

  2. Denise

    The bridge is finally in sight,,,,,thank you so much for the words of inspiration and hope over the last year,,,,,,so many more to come, with this help, the bridge comes a step closer ~~

    Much gratitude Sweet, Wonderful, Woman

    • Thank you too Denise, it is those who ask me stuff that help me think more deeply and explore, that have inspired a number of my messages, Your faith and trust has been a wonderful blessing to me too and yes i see the bridge, i see you on it just waiting to get to the point of no return, where you only look forward to the next and the next and you dont look back except to remember all that which has so lovingly got you to where you are today, xx

  3. Hi, what a beautiful blog you have. I have been thinking about putting my poems from Source of Inspiration into a series of free ebooks. I did one by converting a small group of poems into a PDF file. It was very time consuming and did not include pictures. I wondered what format you used for your books or did you have someone else do them for you? Looking forward to knowing more about your work. hugs, pat You can answer via email if you prefer: patcegan@hotmail.com Thanks!

    • Oh wow thanks for writing in Pat and your kind words! Well as it is my first book, i was completely clueless and had some learning experiences. I was eventually put on to a wonderful graphic artist who helped convert my words into PDF and do the inside, the cover and back were beautifully painted by my artist friend. Yes its time consuming lol! I was thinking of doing an ebook but eventually went for paperback as i love being able to touch it and flip it open. I know there is a site that helps you convert pdf files into ebooks for free called issuu, – http://issuu.com/#whatIsIssuu, i learned how to do that and then imbed them into my blogs, if you want yours available for free that could be a way to do it… hope this helps… take care xx If you click on the link on the right of this page you will be taken to another blog where i have a mini book which i made myself using issuu xx

  4. Thank you for dropping by my blog today and liking one of my poems, keep up your great blog and thank you for sharing all your wisdom. Clarabelle

  5. Thank you too, you write lovely poems xx

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