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This is all about my first book named Welcome HoME and some sneak previews of what to expect in the book and introduction.

Welcome up dates from HoMe xx

Hi dear beings, sorry i haven’t written in so long, Ive been working on Positive Cow’s first book and getting lost in the realm of pages on Facebook! At first i thought they would be a way to promote my books but i have so much fun sharing and visiting each page and making friends with some absolute treasures that my promoting skills still require limbering up! I decided not to do a book launch in the end cos my ideas were a bit overboard and i would have had to sell every single book in my stock and wouldn’t have made a loss, lol so that’s on the back burner. I will soon announce the name of PC’s first book, any guesses are welcome and I will tell you what kind of  graphics I am working on, its also a little dream of mine so we shall see in due course how it all pans out! Thank you for being here and reading, we have a site statistics map and I’m happy to see visitors from all over the world so that is very exciting. Much love and may you make all your dreams happen by stretching out of your comfort zone and just doing it!

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Welcome HoME

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and showing interest in my hoMework! I am thrilled that you are here reading this. Due to being completely hopeless at self promotion I have risen to a challenge to be a tad more shameless at doing so! No easy feat, but I do encourage all of you to find something that makes you stretch and widen your comfort zone, its gets your heart fluttering with healthy energy!

Anyway…yes I’ve recently had a book published, I decided to go the self publishing route after some learning experiences while the book was in progress and I ended up doing everything by myself. No regrets, I love captaining my own ship! Especially if it’s always guiding me hoMe within. The intention for the book was that I have almost every day written positive messages to uplift my heart and the hearts of others. To have them all in one place at my fingertips and to be able to open a page whenever I feel the need for upliftment is a luxury I can now enjoy. More than that I love to share and create and fulfill my dreams, this being one of them. I am so very thankful for all the wonderful feedback and encouragement from those who have purchased copies of their own.

I am so very thankful that the book looks so welcoming as it is hugged by the most wonderful painting, created especially for me by my dearest ‘heartist’ friend.  It’s not just an ordinary book of positive messages, there’s a little story behind it and between every line as it is a personal day by day reflection of what I experience and how I find a positive way to look at everything in order to be at hoMe with myself. Please find info on the ‘my book shoppe’ page for further details if you wish to have one of your very own, welcomed into your hoMe! Thank you again and much love xoxo

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First one hoMe

Guess what!! The first book I sent out overseas has arrived!!

So for those of you waiting it should take roughly two weeks from the time of ordering. Very exciting!

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What can I say

Welcome HoME is now available for sale, I think! For some reason I am not able to put the add to cart button on this site, despite following all the instructions about 50 billion times! I have managed however to get it on my other blog. There is a link on the right of this page. There is also a little info with regards to purchasing the book on the page above entitled retail therapy perhaps?

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Welcomed HoMe

My book Welcome HoMe is home at last. Please see the latest page entitled Welcomed HoME at Last for pics and if you have any queries please feel free to ask. I’m figuring out how to do a paypal thingy on here so that if anyone wants to purchase online that should be possible very shortly. Meanwhile thank you for all the continued encouragement. If I can do it anyone can! Lots of love xoxo

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Some of the qualities I have experienced are of the Phoenix!

I cannot speak enough praise for the wonderful people who are currently working on this leg of Welcome HoME. They have not only been efficient and effective but also just as importantly they are friendly, warm, empowering, encouraging and caring and their ultimate wish is for my happiness in the completed book. I am filled with appreciation and need to pour it out all over the place! They are all really good at what they do, real professionals and patient too while I am going backwards and forwards over colours and what not!  And their brilliant eagle eyed perfectionist proof reader was an absolute joy to work with! Yay!

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Thank you so much

I am overwhelmed with appreciation for the wonderful response yesterday. Appreciation opens the heart and you have all given me so much opportunity to open mine and I thank you greatly.  My deepest intention for all my messages is that you find the hoMe within yourself and the Angel waiting for you there always no matter what and that you can align yourself with that energy and love yourself completely. Here is a message from the book and  I hope that you will do this often:


•.¸¸.¯`•.¸We should really find ways to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves every day, every moment even. •.¸¸.¯`•.¸What can you think of that makes you feel proud of yourself? Come back and revisit this idea often and let your thoughts grow deeper and higher in their reverence for yourself! •.¸¸.¯`•.¸


When you can give another credit without fear of losing acclaim then you actually get more as your heart is opened in appreciation which is a similar vibration to love.

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Here we go!

Welcome HoME dear souls, today is the day I post this website link to my fb profile and it is no longer hidden! My friend Chicklet has said that it is time! Lol! And my heartist! If you are reading this then you are here, yippee and for that I am most thankful. Well I am really very excited to share with you all that I have done what so many kept asking me to do and put my messages into one place. It has been a journey and an uncovering quest! Who’d have ‘thunk’ that getting a book published would be so filled with new gifts and learning experiences! Welcome HoME is the beginning of what I hope to be a continuing adventure. It is the first year of my messages and now thanks to Chicklet I remember to keep them stored up and because of all of your words of encouragement I have kept on going!

I am not quite there yet, still probably a few more weeks before I can hold the first copy in my hands and give thanks to each and every one of you for your part in it either directly or by wanting a book of this kind and sending rockets of desire for its manifestation! Once again my deepest intention is that the words take you to an imaginary realm and help you reach the ‘realest’ realm there is and that is the one within where you are ‘insync-ly’ connected to All that is. Welcome HoMe xx

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Thank you for being here!

Welcome to my website if you are a first time visitor, I really hope you feel the love within this space that is welcoming you hoME to your own heart!

Thank you so much for venturing in, as you can see there are some up to date posts and some older ones that didn’t make the book. There is also some new and great news of the latest progress under the page entitled Welcome HoME plus links to my blog and my heartist’s website. Her paintings are so very beautiful so please do check out her site. I am so humbled to welcome you here, thank you so much for your interest and all the great encouragement.

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Info and updates

There is a new page where I update you all on the progress of the book so far under the Welcome HoME page.

There is also a picture of the cover of my book, swooon, its so beautiful, I hope you love it as much as I do!

I would also like to remind you that the top titles are also pages which you may click to open and not just headings like Welcome HoME for example.

It is my wish that all who venture here feel at HoME and that you allow your soul to feel uplifted and soothed. I am so very excited and blessed that so many of you have been so very encouraging and together co-created that I should put my messages into a book! Once again, I shall not ever forget that I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done it without all the feedback, encouragement and inspiration, without the questioning minds that made me think and learn and without being at HoMe with myself.

I cannot stress how important it is that you love the wonderful being that is you

 and know that you deserve every dream to come true

and it is your own inner guidance that has most resonance with You!

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