To Mention but a few Special Fairies

In loving thankfulness for visiting my garden and encouraging me with your words to continue my messages. There is no point writing publically if no one reads your words, thank you for reading mine and for always giving me such wonderful feedback, without you all the messages wouldn’t be the way they are!

I wished I could have mentioned everyone in my book, special fairies like my real life Loving Sparkles and Kaylarae Abanduntia who are my little earth Angels who have been a source of love – and also especially Love who has shown me how to love openly and freely and who always said I should write a book and I can’t wait to say I have my sweetest Moonbeam in all the world, I have! Thank you for holding hands I’m holding you a feeling I’ll never outgrow! Lavender Sky who esteems me with praise far more than I deserve, Spandau Sprinkler who sends me avatar birds to fly together and beautiful sunsets and skies, we share a special bond. Of course my beautiful Chicklet who saved all my messages and my wonderful heartist Snow who drew my beloved cover. To Angel Moonlight who was there through a tough time and is always there as a delightful bubbly source of love and care, the lovely Hedgewitch too, loyal and truly caring.

The reason I didn’t mention everyone was that it is almost impossible as new fairies come into my life all the time and also if I had accidentally left someone out it would be mortifying for me, as it is this list is still under construction, there are many more in an unfinished list as inspiration hasn’t come to me and the beauty of this list is that I can add to it!

Oh what can I say to some of my wonderful feckers,, we have shared so much together, they were complete rocks of love and understanding and soft places to fall – My wonderful so precious OW a real life Angel and inspiration of inner strength, my Lefty, Airy Fairy, wise, smart, hardworking, so dear to me, SpiritAngel, enlightened helper of souls, dearly appreciated for her divine loving guidance, Shaylee my pistol packing great mother of abcrunching love will fight for those she loves♥ ♥Beautiful Fifi who’s legs go on forever and loyalty stretches further still♥ ♥Sweet gentle Ƭαɳíℓℓω PW!Dotty Dill, peacemaker, loyal and true

There are so many who have been to my garden and started me off on a wonderful journey –

Flip, the very friendly welcoming first garden I ever visitedLynx, my lovely mentor when I first started and who visits me most Sundays!♥

Dearly dear Fairies I’ve known from the very early days – Caring Animal lover DeeOgee & The Spirits Of Bentley Grumble Face etc Warm and tranquil HazelmoonLoving love awakening PeonieLeeloo lovely book babyAn Ali Violet and Summer light of love for dogletsDeep wolf dear soul SookiePensively pathed light filled AuroraGigi the mimi, loving kindness Gigi bond always rememberedWarm friendly Amber MoonSweet miracle of believing AnandaThe tranquility of EmeraldFeather Saturn Frost love bugFree spirited panther light of abundance and prosperity

Beautiful souls who have touched me deeply and have encouraged me to keep going with my messages (In no particular order) – Darling Coco Pop Swirly deeply beautiful soul, loved dearlyMy dearest kind Cupcake Trixi Bell a master of love and thoughtfulness♥ ♥Coco my bootiful Boo, love you to finity and yon!Fluffy who knew and kept it secret, who is full of praise and lovely, loving and loveable

Cosy, soft, cuddly loving Rose Petal a warm wisteria dream in my heartPink bubbly Tinkerbell superglued to my heartWise dearest encouraging soul friend Yakshi  Beautiful warm ghooost bumpy Autumn AbundanceDarling Graceful open hearted NonyeziSpark’s Leaf Green such a beautiful soulInsync peacedove heart RhoslynDarling Vanessa Lighthouse wafted in on a beautiful breeze

Woeless trouble free Whoopster J Elfman whoop whoop♥ ♥Real life friend dancing kind TwinkleViv

Anibelle of purrs, songs and strength in the power of loveTheta the groovy Snow Queen, thank you for being very encouraging of my messages♥ ♥Fun funny Sneaky Pants too cuteTrustful warm kind loved KarmaMacGregor and Queen Celestina of BTH fame, sublimely lovely to know youHighly evolved kind sharing Priestess of Illumina Mysteriosa

Much admiration and love for dearest Brave open K-DawgPowerful messenger of bliss, love and lightfilled FAIRYLICIOUS.•°*Jolly joyful evolving lovingly Fi Fai Fae*°•.  Starsinger and beloved Mystic who sings the song of spiritThankful blessingful BeatriceCaptured by imagination Willa floridaLovely Leija full of hopeThe Magical Unicorn and beloved Archie, bountiful blessings ♥Friendly Felicia from the land of Hearts

Sian a warm kindred darlingWelcoming, generous travel buglet Sophia♥ ♥SpARklE with a believing heart♥ ♥Magical whisperer Ama♥ ♥Always ‘Lucky’ in my garden loving loved LuckyWovely Wuf Honey full of WoveGiggles of cheeky Lollypop Sweetie PeaEnchanted Morning song who lives in a land of eternal blissfulnessBeautiful busy artistic Sweet PeaSweet little SnookyZenita who sings to the stars

Rosebud from the ancient wood where dwells HathorRainbows and sunshine always MerrielleBeatle mania MoonbeamContented Millicent FernTransformational Plym, a winner before the game even startedLil Redd a java buddyAngel trumpet who chooses joyHappiness who only wants others to be happy

Openhearted welcoming Pansy Wings helpful, kind and considerate fairyWings of Time, who loves her dadEbony in bells of blueFairy for fun FarielleA fountain of BlissSweetheart Angel from Angels HavenSerious Mischief with portable flotation device♥ 

Darling Dumbelle returned from nomadic inner journeys but always in my cheeky monkey heart♥ ♥Sweet funny connected Tcherina  Caring considerate kind Nixie, go saints!♥ ♥Gossamer who perfumes our hearts with happinessInspired by love Miss PiddlesworthShalamar who reads with wondrous eyes

My fairy swanmother Willowblossom who chooses to dance5 generation sweet JulipEnlightened and evolved HawthornPrincess Jasmine in an Ocean of Love Love and understanding ShahinaAdmirable Ever Hopeful StephTrusting encouraging believing in love Evan♥Shared secrets of sweet TinkerVon’s cove

Hoibobs always in your heart sweet soul RhiannonGreat big hugs for Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ lumpy who has become a noodleLoving, warm, deeply connected Phoenix♥♥Misti and Cinnamon always there  The delightful and jokeful caring ThumbelinaFunny and poignant Lisette  Caring dear Peri who flew back home

luziene who does so much for animalsCaring Abalone♥♥Courageous, inspiration of supreme strength caring Jamie God jar GUS  Insight, hindsight and forsight -full Aquadove Butterfly Maiden believer in magic☾☆ Violetta Gracewho shared quotes for only meHummingbird in the sun full of feathered wisdom

Wise and celestially quoteful Asherah With Kuthumi, thank youQuotefull Snowflake  Em and little Meena Catherine faithful and true to dear friendsSoft warm Aquielle as sweet as honey wine♥The endless possibilities of Fluffy Oneness♥ ♥Fun and love filled FirefillyStarr who burst into our livesCaitlin who shares magical dreamsErlich a Very Old Soul and new Lovely friend♥


Feckers –

Blossom your kindness never forgottenRosie The wise wonderful Cat Lady and its not even wrensday♥ ♥Ever so kind Tomasina getting and liking to know youAvey well loved feckerooAlexandra lovely, fun loving blockeroo♥ ♥Loving spleens for Unique Talula♥ ♥The ever changing names of Bart who at this update is now a Sparklebaby in my heart♥ Missibell Mischief in her beloved nana’s garden..cherished past present new beginningsThoughtful YodaEver youthful Snowflake Gigglethistle¸¸.Fawn full of dreamsMagical cat loving EsmeraldaPoppy in beloved Grandad’s garden, growing soul of bright new tinkles Nymphia Lunaris, WWLDN, Angel in the moonlight – dolphins remembered♥*Titania the soft heart oxo cubes*Empress Esmerald Gaga a yummy mummy


The beautiful writers who touch me with their words

Willowbright who amazingly included us in her bookJust as if beautifully written for me GlassThe intimately magical and deeply creative works of Ladyhawke  Inspired Light Worker♥♥Bandit who inspires others to write, what a beautiful giftDancing in the light of her soul, Poetic Moonbeam


Havent seen for a while but not forgotten fairies –

Shyla Lilacblossom who sings the song in my heartLovely psychedelic ~* Lily *~ from CanadaBare naked Cassidy who is always thereFecker Aisling missing you so muchJazmine terribly missed Divinity who is just simply Divine♥ Happy little TrinkyWont forget you Olesea at this time of writing SorrelAlways in my heart LuckyZen Seraphina so bright and SunnyMiss you ~ʘ~Champagne bubbles always PeriDearest uplifter MillieMidnightLoving from her centre DivineHeart Firefly with the rock star daughterArt-hearted LothrielAisling graceful In the mystThe Violet light of Anne-marieMan child Sipp of Peli-can GLeeDeeply deep and loving SageJusia full of stories and loveHeart melting ~ Z’Belle ~ soul Keeper of my messagesIntuitive kind empowering SagaGuided by the light of Cosmic BeamLoving lovely Angels Ever In My HeartDearling Holly who has friends for lifeConnected caring appreciative dearly dear to me dancing DesireEndearing powerful manifester DoodlebugWarm hugs for StarlightWise learned with love EavenAn Ocean Child of beautiful words and lovePaint the heart of treasured TrinketMiss your garden but you are close to me Anolee


21 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. ♥Wise dearest encouraging soul friend Yakshi♥
    Thank you ❤ right back at 'cha 🙂
    it is our souls reflections to each other 😉 after all … right?
    Right ! you are the dearest encouraging soul friend too ❤
    Thank you Sarah and Divinity Joy Lovealot
    for your ' Divine Joy and Love A Lot !!
    you've always made the gardens magical and sparkling with fairy
    dust words ❤ which seemed to be in sync – there when needed !
    You magical little mermaid 😉 in disguise as a dolphin ! 🙂
    I will always remember you too, visiting our home in the woods
    in fairy land and in our love group too 🙂 what a special adventure we've
    had here in cyber space 🙂 amazing doesn't cover it – just imagine what more
    could come from the future !! WONDER – FULLY READY for it : D
    ❤ Indigo Debbie and Woods woman – fae Yakshi ❤
    full of appreciation of your kind words ❤

  2. Denise

    Hello Sweet Woman,

    Your words in this acknowledgment allow the bubbles to flow and the spirit to awaken, even if it has been sleeping for a very (VERY) long time……all of this so new to me, yet over the year I have put under my pillow every daily inspiration you have posted on my wall…….and I will continue to do this as it gives me strength, reason, hope, understanding, and LOVE…….

    Dear Woman your gift of words and ability to use poetic justice tickles me silly*
    There are no words that can express my gratitude, please keep your words coming, they complete my day.

    mucho love and a virtual bottle of the bubbly for PC and her turned upside for a champagne flute “BELL”

  3. Mary K.

    Thank you My wise wonderful encouragaing soul! Yours is always the first posting I read if you have been in my garden…you have always looked for, and bring out the best in all those who come in contact with you. So happy for your compilation of beautiful thoughts and prose….hope it is a conduit to a kinder, more enlightened planet. May you bask in the glow of success!! xoxo

  4. TwinkleViv

    Awwww…you’re so sweet, Sarah!!… & you write beautifully…love reading them!

  5. I thank you for the acknowledgement ~ blush blush ~.^ What a wonderful conscious connection we have all experienced by playing a little virtual game called “Fairyland” I am so grateful for the new found friendships I have made. Your daily messages seem to come to effortlessly and always touch me in a way that is always serendipitous and beneficial. Love to you Sarah ~ Helena & LadyHawke.
    (¯`♥´¯) .✫´ ☼
    `*.¸.*´♥¸¸.♥ Gratitude * Blessings * Peace * Love

  6. Michelle

    How beautiful .. you always find the most sweetest, warmest and inspiring words to write ! …. thank you ❤ from me and Hazelmoon 🙂

  7. Mim

    Aww thank you so very much Sarah for your loving words you send out daily. I got rid of my fairy garden about 2 months ago and some times I regret it but I need to channel my time into other things. My beautiful Sookie Wolf fairy still lives on and is with us always! You never know, she may nudge me back to FL one day. Thank you always beautiful dolphin soul. xoxox

  8. I’m so touched, Sarah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have so much gratitude for having you in my life and for fairyland, that brought us all together.
    Warm Gigi Hugs ♥
    Tammy AKA Gigi the Mimi

  9. Yvonne

    Yvonne Hinrichs
    My Precious Moon Sister, you have inspired so many of us. You came into my life as a true Testiment of the connection of Love under circumstances I can only describe as a Miracle… “Holding Hands Always, in All ways, I love you so very much. I knew in all my heart the many others that you would uplift with your gift of Love and sharing… thank you Precious Soul, for your gift of writing your first Book and in you many inspirational quotes and introducing us to Positive Cow aka PC. I look forward to all of us growing in Love and Awrarness with your writings~~~
    All My Love Yvonne , Your Moonbean muwahaa xoxoxo

  10. Autumn Abundance

    Lovely Sarah
    I am without words to express how wonderful it feels to be a part of the life of such a bright light on this beautiful planet. You always give me the ghooost bumps. I am so honored that you mentioned us. We are deeply grateful. Beautiful lady you deserve the very best in all that life has to offer. We love you deeply and forever 🙂

  11. Angel

    I AM in AWE! Big TY my Beautyfull bubbling brook of LoveFlow!!!
    (((((SARAH)))) beloved ONE .. it is INjoy and in deep gratitude I acnowledge our ever-growing light-filled, love-filled, connection to the endless order of harmony as we’re co-creating the world we are destined to live IN :)))) YOU make it so easy! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Blissipline upon all y/our days!
    LOVE from your Fairylicious(who shapeshifted into Elan Etsari).

  12. What beautiful words i am blessed to receive from you all, i am most deeply thankful.

  13. Amber Moon

    My darling Sarah,
    Bless you dear one. You brighten my garden so much with your words of encouragement and insight. I feel blessed honey to have met such a wonderful soul as yourself. We have had many laughs together and I am so very blessed to be included amongst your friends. I wish you the very best life has to offer. Has it been so long now? Seems only yesterday our little fairies bumped into one another. 🙂

  14. Awww, Sweet Sarah, thanks so much for the mention. I always love your messages, you have such wonderful wit and wisdom. Thank you for sharing with us, it is always In-Spiring and fun : )

  15. Donna Mason

    Hi Chicklet, your messages are the ones I look for first thing in my garden or on my wall, so very thankful you share all of them, lots of love xoxo

  16. Still can’t get over having a mention here! Loyalty is earned – and you have SO earned it!
    Bright blessings to you, Sarey; to this lovely site and all who sail in her, from me and HW! x

  17. Debbie Andrews


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