Dolphins, water and sea life

Dolphins inspire me because of their child like joy and the sweetness of their loving personalities. They love unconditionally and care for humanity, their joy is the freedom to be who they are and jump through silver halos of peace and reunion. To fathom a dolphin fills me with overwhelming love and a knowing that there is a deeper connection.

Water brings me peace, to see it rippling and flowing in sparkly wonder. To lose oneself and become one and weightless beneath the surface is freedom.

I love whales too, they are so powerful, so warm, like gentle giants of wisdom and high vibrations that keep the planet aligned. They are our big deep safe keepers with eyes of unfathomable depth.

(All pics are from google images, if anyone is not happy about them being here please let me know kindly, they are meant to bring joy not to offend, thank you)

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