Newly welcomed into my heart with appreciation

I decided to set up some pages on facebook as a way to promote Welcome HoMe and the up and coming Positive Cow book. It has been wonderful because not only have i had an opportunity to spread the word in the most unintrusive way but i have met the most wonderful people!!

I would like to acknowledge some of the ones who have inspired me, embraced me and PC with open arms and hearts, offered unasked for assistance and love and encouragement. This like my other list is a work in progress so i will be adding to it.

In no particular order:

❤ Huge thanks and love to Francois of Sketches in Stillness, what an amazing being, so encouraging and talented with a great sense of humour and a peaceful loving embracing heart, i have not really words, ❤ darling good humoured Carly of Lets get Gruntled my first fb ‘friend’ from the realm of pages, on a mission to help promote my books and pages, what kindness, i am agape and in swoonsville, ❤ Lovely Laurie from Inspiration is Everywhere, so very kind and spontaneous, always eager to share and acknowledge, ❤ Beautiful Brenda from A space of grace, such graceful sweet softness , her energy is like hoMe, ❤ Clare from I”m a FB diva who wrote and helped me when i was new, such a thoughtful gesture, ❤ Teresa from the Road to Me, an inspiration of warmth, friendliness and really operating from hoMe,  ❤ Elysian Whispers a lovely dear soul with a giving  heart full of appreciation, ❤ 

Still under construction…

Thank you in a rampage of appreciation for being the wonderful souls you are and being in the right place at the right time so i got to meet you xx

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