Positive Cow

Some of you already know her, some of you have been with her from when she was first introduced and some of you may be wondering who on earth is this cow! She does not appear in the first book Welcome HoME but is introduced on the last page which is where the book ends and a new one begins. She was born at a time when I learned from the teachings of Abraham that whatever is going on in your life specially if you are going through something tricky you must milk all that which is good. So one day I brought a cow into the gardens for this very purpose and she became quite popular. I think its because she is so boundless, fun loving and mostly that she loves herself so much it just pours out of every pink toe-nailed hoof! I will talk more about her but I just wanted to introduce PC to those who don’t know her Her birthday is on the 13th February, no accident, the day before Valentine’s day! She is currently two years old, now 2012! it feels much longer. She helps us all to look at life through the eyes of humour, self confidence and boundless joy and love and that is the life I wish for us all. May our contrasts be caught at the whispering stage, may we always have our hearts open to appreciate all that we have and may we live life loving more deeply each day!

So here’s something amusing…one of my fairy friends, Mim told me that on the page entitled About me – I wrote that the books i write are like a dairy of my soul! It was an accident but I’m sure Positive Cow had a hand in it, after all a dairy full of milky moos and ice cream sounds much more appealing than a diary!



6 thoughts on “Positive Cow

  1. Sarah, I just love you so much! I truely, 100 and 50% Adore you!! Never ever doubt for one second that you are appreciated. As I was falling asleep last night, I thank the Lord for your presence in my life. Thank You for being you ♥

    • Aww and wow, well as you know the feelings is mutual as i am always filled with appreciation remembering how you cared when my Gigi was making her journey over the rainbow bridge. Thank you too for these wonderful feelings and for being you and for being here!! Im so thankful xx

  2. Denise

    PC has been more than a friend to me for approximately the last year, and I hope many more to come.

    Thank you PC and love your glasses 🙂 PINK works for you ~~~~~

    • We are so beyond happy that you have loved and embraced Positive Cow and that you have let your imagination flow and play, just like the Angels do. PC is thrilled that you love her glasses, shes thinks shes pretty sharp in pink, i must say! Lol Although her tutu is getting a tad tight, it must be all that valentines chocolate!

  3. Laurie Hooper Medico

    love it! Just added to my faves…I will come by again, and stay a little longer next time!

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