Positive Cow’s birthday has arrived!

It’s Positive Cow’s 2nd birthday! .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆Woo hoo, thank you all for being a part of PC and helping to evolve her into who she is today! .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆ We really mean it that if you want to give PC a great bday gift it is the present of you, telling us something you love or are proud of about yourself! .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆ Go on strretch and if not write it then think it all day cos today is the day to embrace every part of your beautiful selves, to boundlessly boing through your day looking at it through PC’s ginourmous rose coloured heart shaped glasses. .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆ Find the humour, the joy and the love behind all that you do today and may we have a wonderful time celebrating all that we are!! .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆ Have some birthday cake and eat it! .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆ Here’s something funny, yesterday we were sketching and we left our sketch book outside and it rained! .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆ Now we now what they mean about paper which has a water mark! Tally ho!! .✫* ❤¸.✫* ☽☆


2 thoughts on “Positive Cow’s birthday has arrived!

  1. Suzy Deitsch

    Watercolor paintings for your sketches 😉
    I love that I have so many creative gifts to share with others…. I love that I have a gentle spirit

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