My Book Shoppe!

There is a link on the right hand side which will take you directly to my blog where you can purchase a copy of Welcome HoME – the book
Or you can highlight the link on this page and click open link in new tab –

(The link on the right, underneath Archives, its the first link entitled my blog – The Ripples of my dreams, you can click on it and it will take you straight there)
You will need to scroll right down to the bottom of the blog  page where it changes colour to find the add to cart button.

This is the info you may require:
The price of the book is RM38 (Malaysian Ringgit) The prices below are inclusive of the shipping costs to the various zones from here.
RM59.40 – USA & Canada (including shipping)
RM53.50 – UK, Europe, South Africa (Including shipping)
RM49.20 – Australia & New Zealand (Including shipping)
RM40.00 – Malaysia & Singapore (Including shipping)

I have also a column for you to write whether you wish a signed copy and to whom it  is for and any special message.

Here is a currency converter for your convenience (You will need to either copy, paste or highlight and click: open in new tab)



6 thoughts on “My Book Shoppe!

  1. Karen Faulds

    Hi my lovely Sarah, this is such a beautiful, beautiful, collection of you & your beautiful heart & soul & all your thoughts & dreams. Thankyou for sharing all of this with us. It is so inspirational & just so enlightening. Well done my friend, its filled with so many beautiful thought provoking positive things. I feel so happy & priviledged to be your friend,travelling onn this journey with you. I hope your words & pictures find its way into many, many hands & spreads, positivity & love everywhere. Congratulations again! all my love Karen xoxox

    • Thank you for your lovely words Karen and well done you have found your way here and commented, great job!!

  2. Rose

    Dear Sarah, well my very good friend you are amazing! Your book truly is an inspiration and I know that already you have given comfort and encouragement to many people. I hope that this is the first of many more books to come. I am so proud of you. Rose xo

    • Oh wow, thank you so much Rose, i believe you too can do anything you set your mind on, You are powerful and your kind words mean a lot to me xoxo

  3. Beautiful collection! Thank you Sarah

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