The Positive Cow Series Book 1 – Positive Cow Comes HoMe

PC’s first book has been published yay!  The cover as you know was painted by the amazing Snow Seychelle, link on the right of the page. I drew all the little drawings of PC within the book and the messages were the ones I wrote in the land of fairies where we used to play. Now we spend more time in the realm of pages, it has been a moovalous experience and we have met lots of lovely people. PC’s book is now available online like my first book Welcome HoMe. Once more you may purchase it from my other blog – link also on the right.  For some reason I am not able to do the paypal shopping cart thingy on this blog which was the intention for it and to share about the books and stuff, not sure why but anyway if you wish to get a copy of the books and other items please follow the link over there, thank you moochly and do hope you have an udderly moovalous time here, there and everywhere xx
Price of the book in Malaysian money according to zone.
Price is Rm42
Australia & New Zealand (including shipping) Rm55
UK & Europe (including shipping) Rm60
Canada & USA (including shipping) Rm66
Malaysia (including shipping) Rm44

There is a box where you may request a signed copy, say to whom you would like it addressed to and any special message.

Do hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed the creating of it xx

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