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Do you think you can give away your power?

Hi powerful being! *•♫.•´ Ok so this is what we have come to believe. *•♫.•´ You cant give your power away… *•♫.•´You think you can but you never can, your power is within! *•♫.•´ You allow yourself to believe your power has been given to another by getting angry or hurt etc due to their behaviour *•♫.•´ …And people say you have given your power to them. *•♫.•´ If that was true you wouldnt be able to get it back unless they gave it to you, but you always can! *•♫.•´ You can retrieve it from its hiding place behind the disempowered belief you have. *•♫.•´ Go on, look behind it, WoAHH… thats big! *•♫.•´ Thats a lot of power, enough to do anything you want!! *•♫.•´ Quick PC run!!

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