My book ~ Welcome HoME

Welcome HoME!

(By Sarah West)

Where it all began


The creation of this book was inspired by the lovely people I have met in a magical application on the internet.      We grow gardens and move up levels, find diamonds, play mushroom and snail games and stalk for critters. Most importantly for me are the connections we make while visiting one another and leaving messages on garden walls.

The above is an actual excerpt from the book itself.

Many of my messages were saved by a special being known as Chicklet and i would not have been able to compile it if it wasn’t for her, she is an extremely special one of the special connections I am talking about!


If you look at links on the right of my home page there is a link to my blog where there is a picture of how my book looks and a sneak preview of what it will be like. Shown in magazine format.

The picture of the dolphin on this website was drawn by my heartist Snow Seychelle who also drew the beautiful cover for my book, there is also a link to her webpage, so please have a look at her beautiful paintings of sea life. She is really super talented and her paintings are poetry on canvas! She is another very special, special connection!

Oh so special are the connections!

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