Latest progress on Welcome HoME

This is the Master-peace Cover which hugs my words so sweetly painted by Snow Seychelle, (link on the right)

The ongoing journey of compiling and mastering a book including the gathering of material, the writing of words, the graphics, whether or not it requires editing, whether anything within it are copyright, whether to self publish or find a publisher who may alter your words, the uncovering of  information, the proof reading, the choosing of colours, paper quality, thickness, the publishing, the sharing and promoting, the sales and everything in between is a marvellous and at times lengthy escapade which simply must first and foremost be for oneself. When you love what you do you are already HoMe and anything that transpires from that is an added bonus. There is no end to this journey only new stems that branch out  from it because once Welcome HoMe became a book she is Forever! Thank you to all who have made this such a thrilling homecoming xx Please go to My book Shoppe for more information on purchasing one of your own. It is not a book to be read all at once but flipped open when necessary to an appropriate page or perhaps kept by the bedside to read last thing at night or when you first awaken. Each message is intended to make you feel loved, heard, understood and guide you within, some are meant to be humourous while others reflectional xx

Older news

Right now (21st Jan 2012) the book is complete, I am waiting for my isbn (International standard book number) and barcode and then I will be able to have it printed and published. As soon as it is available for purchase I will let you know and set up paypal for online orders. Thank you most kindly for your interest.

Welcome HoME is a love letter to all who choose to read it xx

The picture above is my beautiful cover painted for me by Snow Seychelle, what a gift, what a dream….welcome hoMe!)

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