Hot at the press!


Welcome HoME is on the next leg of her journey, as of today she is hot at the press and they say she will be coming home in about two weeks time!

*•♫.•´ She’s coming home, she’s coming home, tell the world she’s coming home! *•♫.•´


Thank you JL and Bandit for this and all your prompts, I wrote it for how I feel now…

(Butterfly cinquain which is a poem in a nine-line syllabic form with the pattern two, four, six, eight, two, eight, six, four, two…)

I am
So excited
A dream is coming true
Welcomed HoMe to be felt and touched
By me
To see the dream made manifest
In front of my very eyes
Makes dolphins leap
So high


2 thoughts on “Hot at the press!

  1. Oh my gosh and golly goodness Sarah, I am so happy for you !!
    You are an amazing soul my friend, deserving of all you can think of and so much more….So do I get a signed copy??

    CONGRATS my friend… so proud of you !!
    LOVE YOU !
    JL and Bandit !!

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