Birds should always be free to fly

*☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀  It is now almost 5 years since I joined Facebook and I have grown from being a totally private person with a dog as a profile picture to someone who has opened herself to the world. *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀  I am still private and much of what I share must be read between the lines. *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀  It is a huge stretch for me but I believe we must always expand our comfort zones in order to live life fully. *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀ Each time we do our hearts beat in a different way *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀ When our zones are widened we feel the sweet satisfaction of a space which hadn’t previously existed. *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀ As it is with evolvement we soon find that this place is no longer big enough to hold our expanded hearts. *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀ It is time to stretch a little more and feel the inner excitement as we rise to the challenges we personally set for ourselves. *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀ Our hearts grow constantly and if we don’t grow with them we may feel suffocated, repressed or subdued, like a bird in a cage and that will never do! *☼.‿.◕✶ ̓̓̓̓̀

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