Called HoMe to write a book!

ღ☀…¸.♥ As I shared my daily messages several people, said that I should write a book as they would love to be able to see my words in one place. ღ☀…¸.♥  When I decided to do so (there’s a story behind the retrieving of my messages too which is within the book itself. ღ☀…¸.♥) I kept my journey secret, lol.  ღ☀…¸.♥ A part of me, the Pisces side wanted to remain hidden.  ღ☀…¸.♥ The Leo half wanted to burst out when it was complete and surprise all those who had encouraged me and made me feel that my words had value to them! ღ☀…¸.♥ Believe me when I say to all those (You know who you are) that your words held equal if not more value to me! ღ☀…¸.♥ They helped me realise a dream and if I can do it, really anyone can. ღ☀…¸.♥ You just need the passion, radiating desire, determination, persistence and above all Love for it. ღ☀…¸.♥

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