De-nile ~ in a canoo without a paddle!

❥•♪♫¸¸.☆ The initial journey of Welcome HoMe was fun and I was led very easily along what I thought was an aligned path. ❥•♪♫¸¸.☆ It seemed to fall into place effortlessly and in a way I thought I wanted! ❥•♪♫¸¸.☆ Its amazing how misguided we can be when we are not completely and wholely at HoMe with regards to ourselves. When we are in complete alignment with hoMe, everything flows smoothly to where we wish to go… ❥•♪♫¸¸.☆ It is not the first time but not the worst time! ❥•♪♫¸¸.☆ What ensued was a journey of learning and patience! The completed result in PDF format was a dream I must say! ❥•♪♫¸¸.☆ I was then bestowed the most wonderful gift of being left in the stream without a paddle and had to go the rest of the journey on my own, totally clueless ❥•♪♫¸¸.☆.  Its always good to be clue-less because everything you recieve has to be more clue-full! ❥•♪♫¸¸.☆

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