Positive Cow has arrived hoMe



Sorry I haven’t been here for a while, its been moonic but the good news is that PC’s book has been published yay!  The cover as you know was painted by the amazing Snow Seychelle, link on the right. I drew all the little drawings of PC within the book and the messages were the ones I wrote in the land of fairies where we used to play. Now we spend more time in the realm of pages, its has been a moovalous experience and we have met lots of lovely people. For the last few days I have been working out how to make PC’s book available online like my first book Welcome HoMe is. It has taken me a while but i have managed this very left brain activity with a mostly right brain and so it took a while to figure it all out again! Once more you may purchase it from my other blog – link also on the right.  For some reason I am not able to do the paypal shopping cart thingy on this blog which was the intention for it and to share about the books and stuff, not sure why but anyway if you wish to get a copy of the books and other items please follow the link over there, thank you moochly and do hope you have an udderly moovalous time here, there and everywhere xx

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Update on PC’s first book!


Been working hard on PC’s book today with our graphic artist, a few more amendments and then its ready to be proof read by our printing company and its then printed – im looking roughly at 3 to 4 weeks max…

Cover painting by Snow Seychelle, there’s a link to her work on the right xx

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PC is swinging into print!

We are so excited that PC will soon be swinging into her own book. Don’t forget that life is like a swing and sometimes for big things you have to pull back in order to take that great leap forward. You never really go backwards though its impossible, we think what really happens is that the planet moves forwards and then we need to catch up!!
We are still doing the  graphics and then the book is almost done, currently working on the cover, so fun and exciting and we have a wonderful graphic artist who can melt the drawings in with the words, yippee! Very soon like within a day or two we shall be sending off for our ISBN!

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Keep loving up dolphins and whales it works

As you know i love dolphins and all creatures. There has been lots of talk about scarey things which i dont want to give energy to but just to let you know that so far the dolphins have outsmarted the scarey humans. I also read a post where someone communicated with  a beautiful whale – i dont know if you believe in communicating with animals, i certainly do and have experienced it so when i read the post it brought tears to my eyes. The whale said how much dolphins and whales love humans and ask only that we act in loving ways and not fight. Even a cause near and dear to us where it is so hard not to want to get angry it is wise to choose love. It is not the easy way out it is because Love is the true power and works in the most smooth and efficient ways. It can help keep dolphins safe and also if we trust in their wisdom and intuition. I agree too of course with action steps when we have love in our hearts for all so there is no resistance to getting what we want. Please keep loving dolphins whales and all animals and lets keep them happily on the planet, its theirs too xx

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Welcome up dates from HoMe xx

Hi dear beings, sorry i haven’t written in so long, Ive been working on Positive Cow’s first book and getting lost in the realm of pages on Facebook! At first i thought they would be a way to promote my books but i have so much fun sharing and visiting each page and making friends with some absolute treasures that my promoting skills still require limbering up! I decided not to do a book launch in the end cos my ideas were a bit overboard and i would have had to sell every single book in my stock and wouldn’t have made a loss, lol so that’s on the back burner. I will soon announce the name of PC’s first book, any guesses are welcome and I will tell you what kind of  graphics I am working on, its also a little dream of mine so we shall see in due course how it all pans out! Thank you for being here and reading, we have a site statistics map and I’m happy to see visitors from all over the world so that is very exciting. Much love and may you make all your dreams happen by stretching out of your comfort zone and just doing it!

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Strretchy updates!


Hi dear souls, Thank you dearly for all the orders and response re the books, I so very much appreciate your interest ╔−−−╗ I”ve been busy working on book stuff. I’m going to have a book launch soon for Welcome HoMe, so that’s really exciting and thrilling. ╔−−−╗ Life is all about strrretching out of our comfort zones and setting new stretches. ╔−−−╗ Once we feel our hearts pitter patter we know it is stretchy…. Yet it feels amazing when we have done it as we have expanded ourselves and our comfort zones have widened, whoopee there’s more room! ╔−−−╗ When we start feeling the walls closing in again this means our expansion has caused us to require pushing out those boundaries once more, so time for another heart pumping leap forth into something we’ve not done before. Yikes! ╔−−−╗ I’m also doing something a little different for Positive Cow’s book and it’s been really fun and lovely as I get to sit outside and work on it… what could it be?? Stay tuned! ╔−−−╗love love xoxo

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Took the words right out of my mouth!

★*.•´¯`•.☆ Me and Positive Cow love the words of a song we were just listening to so thought we’d share – ♫ ‘Back off loneliness and hello tenderness I’ve been waiting for your call for so long, it must have been hard to follow your soul to stick to the road that your heart wants you to go’ ♫
★*.•´¯`•.☆ I had to take the above words out of the latest book I am working on. ★*.•´¯`•.☆ May you always stick to the road your heart wants you to go on and then you won’t feel loneliness only the tenderness of loving the moment that stretches out before you forever! ★*.•´¯`•.☆

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A little behind…

Hi  ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ we have been a little behind with our blog lately… Positive Cow says she has a big behind so actually we are very blessed to only be little! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ She also thinks its really weird that people think its cool to be little but not to belittle!? ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ She says it doesnt matter whether you are small, medium, larger or extra super large, you are a whole wonderful package and thats all that counts! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ Nobody should be treated anything other than with reverence, that’s what PC thinks! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ She is excited because we have been working on our page to promote our book Welcome Home where she was born on the very last page ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ and we have been working on the first book of the Positive Cow Series! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ Its a process because when you share messages on the internet it doesn’t matter if you add in quotes and song lyrics but if you compile your very own book you cant really do that ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ PC is a little disappointed because she finds songs a shortcut to get hoMe but she’s agreed to sing her own aarrgghh so earmuffs at the ready folks! ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥ Some of you will remember she has her own (pretend… shhh) radio station called Boing FM so we shall be posting any song lyrics we have to take out of her book here in the blog and with the music too, if we can find it, so that should be fun… thanks for reading, it means more than you know ♥(¯`♥´¯)♥

The Painting is by my heartist Snow Seychelle – (link to her blog on the right) who created the Master-peace for Welcome HoMe and guess what she has magically crafted the cover for my next book, just waiting for me to get it done!

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Love and light to all animals seeing them happy, safe and living in peace xx

Hi ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆Its good to be aware of stuff so we can send light. ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆ We must be aware though that whatever we focus on we see and manifest before us. ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆ If we are made aware of an animal in trouble and focus on the abuse and sadness of it we will find more and more appearing on our facebook pages and people will come to us and tell us things and want us to share. ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆ What do we do? Abraham always says ‘No means yes in a vibrational Universe’. ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆ To not pay attention to all the campaigns doesn’t mean you don’t care, it means you care so much you don’t want to bring it to everyone’s mind except for those people you know will maintain visionary contact with Light, otherwise you will have the vibration activated further still. ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆ What I suggest if you hear about some fight against cruelty is to focus not on the fight but to send love and light to all dogs, cats, dolphins, whales or whatever, to know that essentially the world is kind when in alignment… ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆ To focus on being a loving soul and connecting with all who want the same goal to help bring about this alignment. ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆ …And, hard as it is… To trust in the process ¸.☆¸.٭✻.☆

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Do you think you can give away your power?

Hi powerful being! *•♫.•´ Ok so this is what we have come to believe. *•♫.•´ You cant give your power away… *•♫.•´You think you can but you never can, your power is within! *•♫.•´ You allow yourself to believe your power has been given to another by getting angry or hurt etc due to their behaviour *•♫.•´ …And people say you have given your power to them. *•♫.•´ If that was true you wouldnt be able to get it back unless they gave it to you, but you always can! *•♫.•´ You can retrieve it from its hiding place behind the disempowered belief you have. *•♫.•´ Go on, look behind it, WoAHH… thats big! *•♫.•´ Thats a lot of power, enough to do anything you want!! *•♫.•´ Quick PC run!!

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